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Everyone deserves a loving partnership.

Even the most loving and healthy relationships take work. Many people find it easy to find love, but difficult to maintain a relationship, partnership or marriage that feels supportive and fulfilling. Couples may have the impression that because they love each other, sharing a life together will be easy, but often it isn't that simple.


If you and your spouse or significant other are struggling, Life Quest can help you develop the skills you need to build and sustain a healthy, loving partnership.

The Phoenix Counselor Couples Trust

Couples often struggle because they have different communication styles or love languages or because of trust issues from their current or past relationships. Relationship challenges like these can be a barrier to growth and can erode feelings of love making it difficult for couples to find a way to move forward together. 

"Sometimes I feel like my partner doesn't hear me or just isn't listening at all."

"Our children are our sole focus and we haven't felt connected in a long time."

"We are too tired at the end of the day for any real intimacy."

"When I try to bring up my concerns, it always turns into an argument."

"I want to connect, but I just can't seem to reach my significant other emotionally."

These are all common feelings in relationships whether you are dating, married, young or old. Denise founded Life Quest Counseling and Consulting, LLC with a passion for helping others. She brings professional expertise and personal understanding to the challenges couples face in their daily lives. Whether it is family stress, issues with trust, or a challenge with work/life/relationship balance, Denise offers a safe and supportive space to help you and your partner open the lines of communication, reconnect and rebuild.


“Denise is amazing. She taught us so much and helped us learn about ourselves and how we communicate.  She saved our marriage.  I highly recommend her!”  S. & R., Couple

Life Quest Can Help You Build the Relationship You Want and Deserve.

Couples of all kinds can benefit from counseling and seeking help doesn't mean your relationship is in trouble. Some couples come to counseling before they get married to strengthen communication and problem-solving skills. Others come because they are overwhelmed with family, life and work stress and have stopped working together well

or connecting. Some put off asking for help for so long that their relationship is already ending and they are looking for guidance on whether they can or should move forward and, if not, how best to begin the process of going their separate ways amicably. Whatever your situation, Denise is a source of support, hope and healing. In couples counseling, she aims too help you and your partner or spouse:

  • Feel heard and address unresolved feelings

  • Communicate about how to move forward with mutual respect

  • Build skills that will allow you to be successful as individuals and as a couple

  • Set goals and develop plans and strategies to achieve them

  • Find the love, support and happiness you both deserve

Life Quest offers couples counseling in a supportive, empathetic and hopeful environment. Denise can help you share what is on your mind or weighing on your heart. She offers expertise and knowledge that helps couples create lasting change in their relationships by helping you identify problems, understand why attempts to address the them haven't worked and develop strategic solutions that can bring resolution to the struggles your partner and you are facing. Long-term growth and peace, whether it is the beginning, middle or end of a relationship, are often found through honest, open communication that can be facilitated in couples counseling.  


“My husband and I were going through some new and uncomfortable territory emotionally.  I knew my husband wasn't a fan of counseling but I was able to get him to at least promise one session with me to work on our marriage.  Denise was so personable and fair, she made certain both of us felt comfortable from day one.  I'm so thankful for Denise's knowledge and patience and overall a genuinely caring heart. Denise really helped my husband and I work through a tough time and we are so grateful for her.”

The Phoenix Counseling Service That's Focused on You

Life Quest Counseling & Coaching, LLC is committed to helping people navigate through difficult circumstances in a non-judgmental, compassionate atmosphere. Our Phoenix-based counseling service is focused on the following practice areas:

support for families who are raising children with special needs

and individuals experiencing trauma, grief and loss, depression and anxiety.

Denise Baker’s personal journey parenting a child with unique challenges inspired her to open the doors to Life Quest. A licensed counselor, she has over 20 years of professional experience supporting families in Arizona’s public behavioral health system.

Denise is trained to provide evidence-based clinical approaches including: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, Solution-Focused and Gestalt Therapy. Denise has advanced training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a highly-effective and

widely-utilized form of trauma therapy.

Ready to Move Your Relationship Forward?

Turn to Life Quest for the professional support you need to begin living a joyful life. In-person and Telehealth (video and phone)

appointments available.

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