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How often does a roof really need to be replaced?

In the Houston heat, most roofs will last 20-22 years (with the exception of extreme weather events). After that, the heat starts to break down the shingles. This heat comes from the top and from the bottom. Attic spaces hold a good bit of heat as well. Wind turbines are helpful to reduce the temperatures in the attic space. Roofs are like tires, you can drive on bald tires and not have a blowout, but the moment you get on the freeway, those tires aren't going to hold up... much like a worn out roof in a bad storm.

How do I know if a recent storm did any damage to my roof?

If you start seeing roofing company signs popping up in the yards of your neighbors, it's probably wise to schedule an inspection. If you are going to file an insurance claim, make sure a certified roofer is there on your behalf.

What makes Chapel Roofing different from other roofing companies?

Chapel Roofing takes the time to hand-nail our shingles. Installing this way does take a bit longer, but we believe in excellent workmanship with a focus on nailing the shingles along the nail line. We can take our time and make sure it is done correctly. Even though this takes extra time, most roofing projects are still handled in two days. Hand-nailing makes a big difference when it comes to how your roof weathers the next storm. We use six nails per shingle... manufacturers only require four. Once the roofing crew is done, we send a secondary team to evaluate the project. This allows us to get a fresh set of eyes on the project and your property for clean-up.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

Typical roofs in Houston take two days to install. We usually work the full length of the day, from sun up to sun down.

​How can I extend the life of my roof and prevent leaks?

Make sure all vents and nail heads are sealed whenever any other home repairs may have impacted the roof area. This is especially important after the installation of a new water heater since the vent pipe extends through the roof.